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1 > To become ground down or deteriorate | SYN: gnaw, gnaw at, eat at, wear away.
2 > To remove soil or rock, as of wind or water | SYN: eat away, fret.



(Homonym: ware, where). (Irregular preterit, past participle: wore, worn).
1 > To be dressed in | SYN: have on.
2 > To deteriorate through use or stress | SYN: wear off, wear out, wear thin.
3 > To have in one's aspect; wear an expression of one's attitude or personality.
4 > To have on one's person | SYN: bear.
5 > To have or show an appearance of.
6 > To last and be usable | SYN: hold out, endure.
7 > To put clothing on one's body | SYN: put on, get into, don, assume.
To turn a ship's stern to windward to alter its course.

wear away


To diminish, as by friction | SYN: wear off.

wear down


To weary and overcome by persistent resistance or pressure.

wear through


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