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engleski leksikon

Anglican Church of Australia
/ ˈæŋɡləkən ˈtʃɝːtʃ əv ɒˈstreɪljə /


Množina reči Anglican Church of Australia je Anglican Church of Australias.

(until 1981 called the Church of England in Australia) second-largest Christian denomination in Australia. It has its origins in the Church of England in Britain. The first chaplains, Richard Johnson (arrived 1788) and Samuel Marsden (arrived 1794) were government appointees. In 1825 the Australian continent was proclaimed an Archdeaconry of the Diocese of Calcutta; in 1836 the Diocese of Australia came into being and William Broughton was appointed its first bishop. Since 1872 representatives from all over the country have met for national dialogue at the General Synod. The Anglican Church was the largest Christian denomination in Australia until the 1986 census, when it was moved into second place by the Catholic Church. Some 3,700,000 or 24% of the population claim religious affiliation with the Anglican Church.

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