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engleski leksikon

/ kosovoʊ /


Množina reči Kosovo je Kosovos.


Or Kossovo; Autonomous region 1945–1990 of S Serbia; capital Priština; area 10,900 sq km/4,207 sq mi; consisting of about 210,000 Serbs and about 1.8 million Albanians. Products include wine, nickel, lead, and zinc. Since it is largely inhabited by Albanians and bordering on Albania, there have been demands for unification with that country, while in the late 1980s Serbians agitated for Kosovo to be merged with the rest of Serbia. A state of emergency was declared Feb 1990 after fighting broke out between ethnic Albanians, police, and Kosovo Serbs. The parliament and government were dissolved July 1990 and the Serbian parliament formally annexed Kosovo Sept 1990.
The Serbian invasion brought Kosovo to the brink of civil war.
Albanian institutions and media were suppressed, and “emergency legislation” used to rid industry of Albanian employees at all levels. In 1991 the Kosovo assembly, though still technically dissolved, organized a referendum on sovereignty which received 99% support. It elected a provisional government, headed by Bujar Bukoshi, which was recognized by Albania Oct 1991. In May 1992 the Albanian majority held unsanctioned elections, choosing Ibrahim Rugova as president and selecting a 130-member parliament. Serbia regarded the elections as illegal but allowed them to proceed.

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