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Teapot Dome Scandal
/ ˈtiːˌpɑːt doʊm ˈskændl̩ /


Množina reči Teapot Dome Scandal je Teapot Dome Scandals.

Teapot Dome · Teapot Dome scandal

US political scandal that revealed the corruption of President Harding's administration. It centered on the leasing of naval oil reserves 1921 at Teapot Dome, Wyoming, without competitive bidding, as a result of bribing the secretary of the interior, Albert B Fall (1861–1944). Fall was tried and imprisoned 1929.
A Senate investigation revealed that Fall had accepted gifts and loans totaling $400,000. The US Supreme Court nullified the leases 1927. The two oil-company executives involved were acquitted on technicalities, but one of them, Harry Sinclair, was later imprisoned for jury tampering and contempt of the Senate.

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