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engleski leksikon

/ kəneri /


canary-yellow · chromatic

ETYM French Canarie, Latin Canaria insula one of the Canary islands, said to be so called from its large dogs, from canis dog.
Having the color of a canary; a light to moderate yellow; SYN. canary-yellow.

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/ kəneri /


Množina reči canary je canaries.

canary bird · canary yellow · fink · sneak · sneaker · snitch · snitcher · stool pigeon · stoolie · stoolpigeon

1. Any of several small Old World finches; SYN. canary bird.
2. (Informal) A female singer.
lively Renaissance courtly dance
Bird Serinus canaria of the finch family, found wild in the Canary Islands and Madeira. It is greenish with a yellow underside.
Canaries have been bred as cage birds in Europe since the 15th century, and many domestic varieties are yellow or orange.
Some canaries are used in mines as detectors of traces of poison gas in the air.

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