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engleski leksikon

/ tʃɪmpænzi /


Množina reči chimpanzee je chimpanzees.

Pan troglodytes · chimp

ETYM From the native name: cf. French chimpanzé, chimpansé, chimpanzée.
Highly intelligent African ape Pan troglodytes that lives mainly in rain forests but sometimes in wooded savanna. Chimpanzees are covered in thin but long black body hair, except for the face, hands, and feet, which may have pink or black skin. They normally walk on all fours, supporting the front of the body on the knuckles of the fingers, but can stand or walk upright for a short distance. They can grow to 1.4 m/4.5 ft tall, and weigh up to 50 kg/110 lb. They are strong and climb well, but spend time on the ground, living in loose social groups. The bulk of the diet is fruit, with some leaves, insects, and occasional meat. Chimpanzees can use “tools”, fashioning twigs to extract termites from their nests.
The bonobo or pygmy chimpanzee, Pan paniscus is found only in a small area of rainforest in Zaire. Bonobos are about the same height as “common” chimpanzees, but they are of a slighter build, with less hair, and they stand upright more frequently. They are a distinct species, numbering approximately 10,000.
Chimpanzees are found in an area from W Africa to W Uganda and Tanzania in the east. Studies of chromosomes suggest that chimpanzees are the closest apes to humans, perhaps sharing 99% of the same genes. Trained chimpanzees can learn to communicate with humans with the aid of machines or sign language, but are probably precluded from human speech by the position of the voicebox.
Intelligent somewhat arboreal ape of equatorial African forests; SYN. chimp, Pan troglodytes.

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