engleski leksikon

engleski leksikon

life cycle
/ ˈlaɪf ˈsaɪkl̩ /


Množina reči life cycle je life cycles.

1. A series of stages through which an organism passes between recurrences of a primary stage.
2. The course of developmental changes in an organism from fertilized zygote to maturity when another zygote can be produced.
The minimum number of pressure cycles the transducer can endure and still remain within a specified tolerance.
In biology, the sequence of developmental stages through which members of a given species pass. Most vertebrates have a simple life cycle consisting of fertilization of sex cells or gametes, a period of development as an embryo, a period of juvenile growth after hatching or birth, an adulthood including sexual reproduction, and finally death. Invertebrate life cycles are generally more complex and may involve major reconstitution of the individual's appearance (metamorphosis) and completely different styles of life. Plants have a special type of life cycle with two distinct phases, known as alternation of generations. Many insects such as cicadas, dragonflies, and mayflies have a long larvae or pupae phase and a short adult phase. Dragonflies live an aquatic life as larvae and an aerial life during the adult phase. In many invertebrates and protozoa there is a sequence of stages in the life cycle, and in parasites different stages often occur in different host organisms. life-cycle

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