englesko - francuski rečnik

englesko - francuski rečnik

apsis prevod


/ æpsɪs /


Množina reči apsis je apses.


Prevedi apsis na: srpski

ETYM Latin apsis, absis, Greek apsis, apsidos, a tying, fastening, the hoop of a wheel, the wheel, a bow, arch, vault, from aptein to fasten.
1. One of the two points of an orbit, as of a planet or satellite, which are at the greatest and least distance from the central body, corresponding to the aphelion and perihelion of a planet, or to the apogee and perigee of the moon.
2. In a curve referred to polar coordinates, any point for which the radius vector is a maximum or minimum.
3. Same as Apse.
Astronomy, point at which heavenly body is most or least distant from center of attraction. higher apsis, most distant point. lower apsis, least distant point.
The point in an astronomical orbit at which the distance of the body from the center of attraction is either greatest or least.


ženski rod

aphélie · apoastre · apogée · apolune · périastre · périgée · périhélie · périlune

Extrémité du grand axe de l'orbite d'un astre.

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