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/ bɪɡəmi /


Množina reči bigamy je bigamies.

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ETYM Old Eng. bigamie, from Latin bigamus twice married; bis twice + Greek gamos marriage; prob. akin to Skt. jâmis related, and Latin gemini twins, the root meaning to bind, join: cf. French bigamie. Related to Digamy.
1. Having more than one spouse at a time.
2. The offense of having two or more wives or husbands living at the same time.
In law, the offense of marrying a person while already lawfully married to another. In some countries marriage to more than one wife or husband is lawful; see also polygamy.


ženski rod

polyandrie · polygamie

État qui consiste ŕ ętre marié ŕ deux personnes en męme temps.

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