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englesko - nemački rečnik

Comoros prevod



Množina reči Comoros je Comoros.

Comoros · Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros

Group of islands in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the east coast of Africa. Three of them—Njazidja, Nzwani, and Mwali—form the republic of Comoros; the fourth island, Mayotte, is a French dependency.
The 1992 constitution provides for a president, elected by universal adult suffrage for a maximum of two five-year terms, and an appointed council of ministers. There is a two-chamber legislature: a 42-member federal assembly elected for a four-year term and a 15-member senate selected by an electoral college for a six-year term.
Each of the four main islands has a high degree of autonomy, with its own elected governor and council for all matters not specifically assigned to the federal government.
Originally inhabited by Asians, Africans, and Indonesians, the Comoros islands were controlled by Muslim sultans until the French acquired them 1841–1909. The islands became a French colony 1912 and were attached to Madagascar 1914–47, when they were made a French overseas territory. Internal self-government was attained 1961, but full independence was not achieved until 1975 because of Mayotte's reluctance to sever links with France. Although the Comoros joined the United Nations 1975, with Ahmed Abdallah as president, Mayotte remained under French administration. Relations with France deteriorated as Ali Soilih, who had overthrown Abdallah, became more powerful as president under a new constitution. In 1978 he was killed by French mercenaries working for Abdallah. Abdallah's use of mercenaries in his return to power led to the Comoros' expulsion from the Organization of African Unity.
one-party state
A federal Islamic republic was proclaimed, a new constitution adopted, and Abdallah reconfirmed as president in an election where he was the only candidate. Diplomatic relations with France were restored. In 1979 the Comoros became a one-party state, and government powers were increased. In the same year a plot to overthrow Abdallah was foiled. In 1984 he was reelected president, and in the following year the constitution was amended, abolishing the post of prime minister and making Abdallah head of government as well as head of state.
In Nov 1989 Abdallah was assassinated during an attack on the presidential palace led by a French mercenary, Col Bob Denard. Denard was subsequently arrested by French army units and returned to France. A provisional military administration was set up, with Said Mohammad Djohar as interim president. Attempted antigovernment coups were foiled 1990 and 1992. A general election Jan 1993 proved inconclusive but in assembly elections Dec 1993 Djohar's supporters won an overall majority.
A country on the Comoro Islands.


ženski rodgeografija


Republik auf der gleichnamigen Inselgruppe (außer der Insel Mayotte) vor der O-Küste Afrikas, 1 862 km?, 479 000 islam. Einw. einer Mischbevölkerung aus Arabern, Malaien, Bantu u.a., Hauptstadt Moroni auf Njazidja, Sprachen Frz. und Komorisch. Die K. sind gebirgige Vulkaninseln mit trop. Klima, das Reis-, Maniok-, Bataten- und Vanilleanbau (wichtigstes Exportgut) erlaubt; weitere Haupterwerbsquellen Fischfang und Fremdenverkehr. - Ende des 16. Jh.s erreichten erstmals Europäer die K., doch erst im 19. Jh. wurde die arab. durch frz. Herrschaft abgelöst und die Inselgruppe von Madagaskar aus verwaltet. 1946 Überseeterritorium, 1961 beschränkt autonom, wurden die K. nach einseitiger Erklärung der Unabhängigkeit und nachfolgender Volksabstimmung 1975 selbständig, nur die Insel Mayotte entschied sich für den Verbleib bei Frankreich. 1978 wurde eine islam. Verfassung angenommen.

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