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Birmingham prevod


/ bɝːmɪŋhæm /


Množina reči Birmingham je Birminghams.

1. A city in central England; 2nd largest English city and an important industrial and transportation center.
2. The largest city in Alabama; located in northeastern Alabama; Also called: Pittsburgh of the South.
3. Borough in Pennsylvania (USA).
4. City in Iowa (USA); zip code 52535.
5. City in Michigan (USA); zip code 48009.
6. Village in Missouri (USA).
(US) Commercial and industrial city (iron, steel, chemicals, building materials, computers, cotton textiles) and largest city in Alabama, US.
Although the 55 ft/17 m statue of Vulcan (Roman god of the forge) still dominates the city from a nearby summit, US Steel shut down its works in what used to be the steelmaking center of the South. Settled 1813, Birmingham became notorious in the early 1960s for its enforcement of segregation, and the 1963 bombing of a church in which four black girls were killed aroused international attention. In 1979 the city, with a black majority population, elected a black mayor.(UK) Industrial city in the West Midlands, second largest city of the UK; metropolitan area 2,632,000. It is an important manufacturing and commercial center. Industries include engineering, motor vehicles, machine tools, aerospace control systems, plastics, chemicals, food, chocolates, jewelry, tires, glass, and guns.
The National Exhibition Centre and Sports Arena; Barber Institute of Fine Arts; City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (conductor Simon Rattle); Birmingham Conservatoire, now part of the University of Central England; the City Art Gallery containing a Pre-Raphaelite collection; the repertory theater founded 1913 by Sir Barry Jackson (1897–1961) (since 1990 it has been the home of the Royal Ballet); Symphony Hall (holding over 4,000) opened 1991; the Bull Ring Centre, a large shopping complex designed by Sydney Greenwood, built 1961–64 on the site of the old center of the town; Sutton Park, in the residential suburb of Sutton Coldfield, has been a public country recreational area since the 16th century.
A medieval township, Birmingham supplied large quantities of weapons to the Parliamentarians during the Civil War. Its location on the edge of the S Staffordshire coalfields and its reputation for producing small arms allowed it to develop rapidly during the 18th–19th centuries (much of the city was rebuilt 1875–82). It has continued to expand in the 20th century due to a gradual change from heavy to high-tech industries.


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