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Region and former province NW France SW of Normandy.
A region in northwestern France, the capital of which is Rennes.
(French Bretagne, Breton Breiz) Region of NW France in the Breton peninsula between the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel; area 27,200 sq km/10,499 sq mi; capital Rennes; A farming region, it includes the départements of Côtes-du-Nord, Finistčre, Ille-et-Vilaine, and Morbihan.
Brittany was the Gallo-Roman province of Armorica after being conquered by Julius Caesar 56 BC. It was devastated by Norsemen after the Roman withdrawal. Established under the name of Brittany in the 5th century AD by Celts fleeing the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain, it became a strong, expansionist state that maintained its cultural and political independence, despite pressure from the Carolingians, Normans, and Capetians. In 1171, the duchy of Brittany was inherited by Geoffrey, son of Henry II of England, and remained in the Angevin dynasty's possession until 1203, when Geoffrey's son Arthur was murdered by King John, and the title passed to the Capetian Peter of Dreux. Under the Angevins, feudalism was introduced, and French influence increased under the Capetians. By 1547 it had been formally annexed by France, and the Breton language was banned in education. A separatist movement developed after World War II, and there has been guerrilla activity.


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