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englesko - srpski rečnik

Darien prevod


/ deriən /


Množina reči Darien je Dariens.

1. City in Georgia (USA); zip code 31305.
2. City in Illinois (USA).
3. Unincorporated community in Connecticut (USA).
4. Village in Wisconsin (USA); zip code 53114.
Former name for the Panama isthmus as a whole, and still the name of an eastern province of Panama; area 16,803 sq km/6,490 sq mi; The Gulf of Darien, part of the Caribbean Sea, lies between Panama and Colombia. The Darien Gap is the complex of swamp, jungle, and ravines, which long prevented the linking of the North and South American sections of the Pan-American Highway, stretching about 300 km/200 mi between Canitas, Panama, and Chigorodo, Colombia. At the Colombian end is the Great Atrato Swamp, 60 km/35 mi across and over 300 m/1,000 ft deep. The final link across the Darien Gap has still not been completed, because of lack of capital, engineering obstacles, and political problems.
The Darien Expedition was a Scottish attempt to colonize the isthmus 1698–99, which failed disastrously owing to the climate and Spanish hostility. The British Trans-Americas Expedition, led by John Blashford-Snell, made the first motorized crossing 1972.

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