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Prevedi Egyptology na: francuski · nemački

Archeology of ancient Egyptian artifacts.
The study of ancient Egypt. Interest in the subject was aroused by the Napoleonic expedition's discovery of the Rosetta Stone 1799. Various excavations continued throughout the 19th century and gradually assumed a more scientific character, largely as a result of the work of the British archeologist Flinders Petrie from 1880 onward and the formation of the Egyptian Exploration Fund 1892. In 1922 another British archeologist, Howard Carter, discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen, the only royal tomb with all its treasures intact.
Special branches of Egyptology are the study of prehistoric Egypt and the search for papyri (ancient documents) preserved by the dryness of the climate; besides ancient Egyptian writings, many lost Greek and early Christian works have been recovered.
study of ancient Egypt


ženski rod

Nauka koja se bavi istraživanjem i proučavanjem starog Egipta, naročito njegove kulture, umetnosti, jezika i dr. (grč.)

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