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Prevedi Eisenhower na: nemački

(“Ike”) (1890-1969) 34th president of the US 1953–60, a Republican. A general in World War II, he commanded the Allied forces in Italy 1943, then the Allied invasion of Europe, and from Oct 1944 all the Allied armies in the West. As president he promoted business interests at home and conducted the Cold War abroad. His vice president was Richard Nixon.
Eisenhower was born in Texas. A graduate of West Point military academy in 1915, he served in a variety of staff and command posts before World War II. He became commander in chief of the US and British forces for the invasion of North Africa Nov 1942; commanded the Allied invasion of Sicily July 1943; and announced the surrender of Italy 8 Sept 1943. In Dec he became commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force for the invasion of Europe and was promoted to General of the Army Dec 1944. After the war he served as commander of the US Occupation Forces in Germany, then returned to the US to become Chief of Staff. He served as president of Columbia University and chair of the joint Chiefs of Staff between 1949 and 1950. He resigned from the army 1952 to campaign for the presidency; he was elected, and reelected by a wide margin in 1956. A popular politician, Eisenhower held office during a period of domestic and international tension, with the growing civil-rights movement at home and the Cold War dominating int
ernational politics, although the US was experiencing an era of postwar prosperity and growth.
He was well-liked and had a talent for administration.


muški rodlično ime

Američki general, nadimak Ajk, 34. predsednik SAD-a.

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