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Prevedi Erie na: nemački

Fourth largest of the Great Lakes of North America, connected to Lake Ontario by the Niagara River and bypassed by the Welland Canal; area 9,930 sq mi/25,720 sq km.
It is linked to Lake Huron by Lake St Clair and the St Clair and Detroit rivers and to the Hudson River by the New York State Barge Canal. It is an important component of the St Lawrence Seaway.
Lake Erie ports include Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Buffalo, New York. A US naval victory near the western end of the lake 9 Sept 1813 forced the British to evacuate Detroit. The shallowest of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie has become severely polluted from industrial and municipal waste.
1. City in Kansas (USA); zip code 66733.
2. City in Pennsylvania (USA).
3. Town in Colorado (USA); zip code 80516.
4. Village in Illinois (USA); zip code 61250.
City and port on the Pennsylvania bank of Lake Erie, US; It has heavy industries and a trade in iron, grain, and freshwater fish. A French fort was built on the site 1753, and a permanent settlement was laid out 1795.


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Četvrto od Velikih jezera u Severnoj Americi.Jezero u Severnoj Americi.

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