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Prevedi Manchester na: nemački

1. A city in northwestern England (30 miles east of Liverpool); heart of the most densely populated area of England.
2. Largest city in New Hampshire; located in southeastern New Hampshire on the Merrimack river.
3. Borough in Pennsylvania (USA); zip code 17345.
4. City in Georgia (USA); zip code 31816.
5. City in Iowa (USA); zip code 52057.
6. City in Kansas (USA); zip code 67463.
7. City in Kentucky (USA).
8. City in Minnesota (USA); zip code 56064.
9. City in Missouri (USA); zip code 63011.
10. City in Tennessee (USA); zip code 37355.
11. Town in Maryland (USA); zip code 21102.
12. Town in Oklahoma (USA); zip code 73758.
13. Unincorporated community in Washington (USA).
14. Village in Illinois (USA).
15. Village in Michigan (USA); zip code 48158.
16. Village in New York (USA); zip code 14504.
17. Village in Ohio (USA); zip code 45144.
18. Village in Vermont (USA).
City in NW England, on the river Irwell, 50 km/31 mi E of Liverpool. It is a manufacturing (textile machinery, chemicals, rubber, engineering, electrical equipment, paper, printing, processed foods) and financial center; It is linked by the Manchester Ship Canal, opened 1894, to the river Mersey and the sea.
It is the home of the Hallé Orchestra, the Royal Northern College of Music, Chetham’s School of Music, Manchester Grammar School (1515), the Royal Exchange (built 1869, now a theater), town hall designed by Alfred Waterhouse, the Free Trade Hall (1843), Liverpool Road station (the world’s oldest surviving passenger station), the Whitworth Art Gallery, and the Cotton Exchange (now a leisure center). The Castlefield Urban Heritage Park includes the Granada television studios, including the set of the soap opera Coronation Street, open to visitors, and also the Greater Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.
Originally a Roman camp (Mancunium), Manchester is mentioned in the Domesday Book, and by the 13th century was already a center for the wool trade. Its damp climate made it ideal for cotton, introduced in the 16th century, and from the mid-18th century onward the Manchester area was a world center of manufacture, using cotton imported from North America and India. Unrest after the Napoleonic Wars led to the.
Peterloo Massacre 1819 when troops charged a political meeting at St Peter’s Fields. After 1945 there was a sharp decline, and many disused mills were refurbished to provide alternative industrial uses.
Manchester has always been a cultural and intellectual center.
It was the focus for the Manchester school of political economists, including John Bright and Richard Cobden, who campaigned for the repeal of the Corn Laws in the first half of the 19th century, and the original home of the Guardian newspaper (founded as the Manchester Guardian 1821). Its pop-music scene flourished in the 1980s.


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