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englesko - srpski rečnik

Nebraska prevod


/ nəbræskə /


Množina reči Nebraska je Nebraskas.

Cornhusker State · NE · Nebraska

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A midwestern state on the Great Plains; Also called: Cornhusker State.
State in central US; nicknamed Cornhusker State/Blackwater State
area 200,400 sq km/77,354 sq mi
capital Lincoln
towns and cities Omaha, Grand Island, North Platte

features Rocky Mountain foothills; tributaries of the Missouri; prairies; a 206-km/128-mi stretch of the Oregon Trail, including Scotts Bluff national monument, Chimney Rock national historic site, and Courthouse and Jail Rocks; Mission River; Platte River, with the Platte River Whooping Crane Habitat; Nebraska national forest; Buffalo Bill Ranch state historical park; Willa Cather Historical Center and Cather Memorial Prairie, Red Cloud; Homestead national monument; Boys Town, founded 1917 for homeless boys; Fremont and Elkhorn Valley Railroad; Strategic Air Command Museum, Bellevue.
industries cereals, livestock, processed foods, fertilizers, oil, natural gas
famous people Fred Astaire, William Jennings Bryan, Johnny Carson, Willa Cather, Henry Fonda, Harold Lloyd, Malcolm X
history exploited by French fur traders in the early 1700s; ceded to Spain by France 1763; retroceded to France 1801; part of the Louisiana Purchase 1803; explored by Lewis and Clark 1804–06; first settlement at Bellevue 1823; became a territory 1854 and a state 1867 after the Union Pacific began its transcontinental railroad at Omaha 1865.
Nebraska's farm economy was weakened in the 1930s by the Great Depression and dust storms, but World War II brought military airfields and war industries. Much of the industry developed since that time is related to agriculture.


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