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ETYM Latin postscriptus, (assumed) p. p. of postscribere to write after; post after + scribere to write: cf. French postscriptum. Related to Post-, and Scribe.
A note appended to a letter after the signature | SYN: ps.

dodatak pismu

muški rod



Post skriptum.

post skriptum

muški rod

Dodatak pismu (upotrebljava se obično kao skraćenica P.S.).



A page-description language from Adobe Systems that offers flexible font capability and high-quality graphics. The most well-known page-description language, PostScript uses English-like commands to control page layout and to load and scale outline fonts. Adobe Systems is also responsible for Display PostScript, a graphics language for computer displays that gives users of both PostScript and Display PostScript absolute WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get), which is difficult when different methods are used for displaying and printing. See also outline font, page-description language.
In computing, a page-description language developed by Adobe that has become a standard. PostScript is primarily a language for printing documents on laser printers, but it can be adapted to produce images on other types of devices.
PostScript is an object-oriented language, meaning that it treats images, including fonts, as collections of geometrical objects rather than as bit maps. PostScript fonts are outline fonts stored in the computer memory as a set of instructions for drawing the circles, straight lines and curves that make up the outline of each character. This means they are also scalable. Given a single typeface definition, a PostScript printer can thus produce a multitude of fonts.
The principal advantage of vector graphics over bit-mapped graphics is that object-oriented images take advantage of high-resolution output devices whereas bit-mapped images do not. A PostScript drawing looks much better when printed on a 600 dpi printer than on a 300 dpi printer. Object-oriented images also generally require less memory than bit-mapped images.


muški rod

Jezik za opisivanje strane koji je razvijen u firmmi Adobe Sistems, namena mu je dan napravi savršenu sliku bez obzira na rezoluciju izlaznog uređaja. Većina grafičkih umetnika i ljudi koji se bave pripremom za štamnpu čuvaju svoje datoteke u PostSkript formatu. Na taj način mogu da ponesu diskkove u uslužni studio gde će dobiti visokokvalitetan otisak na filmu.

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