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Santa Fe prevod

Santa Fe

/ ˈsæntə ˈfeɪ /


Množina reči Santa Fe je Santa ves.

Santa Fe · capital of New Mexico

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1. Capital of the state of New Mexico; located in north central New Mexico; Also called: capital of New Mexico.
2. City in New Mexico (USA); zip code 87505.
3. City in Texas (USA).
Capital of New Mexico, US, on the Santa Fe River in the Rio Grande Valley, 65 km/40 mi W of Las Vegas; many Spanish-speaking. The cultural capital of the Southwest, Santa Fe is home to many artists and is noted for theater and opera. Tts chief industry is tourism; it also produces Native American jewelry and textiles.
Santa Fe was founded by the Spanish 1610 on the site of a prehistoric Tiwa Indian Pueblo. It was evacuated 1680 following a Pueblo Indian revolt, but was retaken 1692. During the 18th century it was the headquarters of a large Spanish colonial frontier province. Many wagons passed through on the Santa Fe Trail in the 19th century. It was occupied by US troops 1846, and ceded to the United States 1848; it became the territorial capital 1851. It expanded with the coming of the railroad 1880. There are some remains of the ancient Pueblo Indian civilization.
There is some traditional Spanish colonial and Pueblo Indian-style architecture, including the Palace of the Governors 1610 (restored as a museum 1914), the Chapel of San Miguel 1710, and the Cathedral of St Francis 1869. The San Miguel Mission, built around 1625 is the oldest church still in use in the United States. There are a number of pueblos near Santa Fe, including San Ildefonso Pueblo (home of the famous potter Maria Martinez), and Santa Clara Pueblo, with the 740-room Puye Cliff Dwellings. Santa Fe is an important art center, with many galleries. Museums include the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, with the National Collection of Contemporary Indian Art, the Museum of International Folk Art, and the Wheelwright Museum of Navajo Art. The Santa Fe Opera performs in an outdoor theater in the mountains. The Los Alamos National Laboratory is nearby.

Santa Fe

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Grad u SAD-u, glavni grad Novog Meksika.

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