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englesko - srpski rečnik

South Australia prevod

South Australia

/ ˈsaʊθ ɒˈstreɪljə /


Množina reči South Australia je South Australias.

South Australia

A state in south central Australia.
State of the Commonwealth of Australia
Area 984,000 sq km/379,824 sq mi
Capital Adelaide (chief port)
Towns Whyalla, Mount Gambier
Features Murray Valley irrigated area, including wine-growing Barossa Valley; lakes: Eyre, Torrens; mountains: Mount Lofty, Musgrave, Flinders; parts of the Nullarbor Plain, and Great Victoria and Simpson deserts; experimental rocket range in the arid N at Woomera
Industries meat and wool (80% of area cattle and sheep grazing), wines and spirits, dried and canned fruit, iron (Middleback Range), coal (Leigh Creek), copper, uranium (Roxby Downs), oil and natural gas in the ne, lead, zinc, iron, opals, household and electrical goods, vehicles
Population (1987) 1,388,000; 1% Aborigines
History possibly known to the Dutch in the 16th century; surveyed by Dutch navigator Abel Tasman 1644; first European settlement 1834; province 1836; became a state 1901. In 1963 British nuclear tests were made at Maralinga, in which Aborigines were said to have died.

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