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1 > A large zodiacal constellation on the equator; between Leo and Libra.
2 > The sixth sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from August 23 to September 22; Also called: Virgo the Virgin.
Zodiacal constellation, the second largest in the sky.
It is represented as a maiden holding an ear of wheat.
The Sun passes through Virgo from late Sept to the end of Oct.
Virgo's brightest star is the first-magnitude Spica.
Virgo contains the nearest large cluster of galaxies to us, 50 million light-years away, consisting of about
3|,000 galaxies centered on the giant elliptical galaxy M87.
Also in Virgo is the nearest quasar, 3C 273, an estimated
3| billion light-years distant.
In astrology, the dates for Virgo are between about 23 Aug and 22 Sept (see precession).


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