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War of the Spanish Succession
/ ˈwɔːr əv ðə ˈspæˌnɪʃ səkˈseʃn̩ /


War 1701–14 of Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Denmark (the Allies) against France, Spain, and Bavaria. It was caused by Louis XIV's acceptance of the Spanish throne on behalf of his grandson, Philip, in defiance of the Partition Treaty of 1700, under which it would have passed to Archduke Charles of Austria (later Holy Roman emperor Charles VI).
Peace was made by the Treaties of Utrecht 1713 and Rastatt 1714. Philip V was recognized as king of Spain, thus founding the Spanish branch of the Bourbon dynasty. Britain received Gibraltar, Minorca, and Nova Scotia; and Austria received Belgium, Milan, and Naples.
A general war in Europe (1701-1714) that broke out when Louis XIV of France installed his grandson Philip on the throne of Spain; England and Holland hoped to limit Louis' power.

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