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Wyoming prevod


/ waɪoʊmɪŋ /


Množina reči Wyoming je Wyomings.

Equality State · WY · Wyoming

Prevedi Wyoming na: nemački

1. A state in the western United States; mountainous in the west and north with the Great Plains in the east; Also called: Equality State.
2. Borough in Pennsylvania (USA); zip code 18644.
3. City in Illinois (USA); zip code 61491.
4. City in Iowa (USA); zip code 52362.
5. City in Michigan (USA); zip code 49509.
6. City in Minnesota (USA).
7. City in Ohio (USA).
8. Town in Delaware (USA).
9. Village in New York (USA); zip code 14591.
State in western US: nicknamed Equality State.
area 253,400 sq km/97,812 sq mi.
capital Cheyenne.
cities Casper, Laramie.
features Rocky Mountains; Yellowstone national park, the first national park in the US (1872), with geysers (including Old Faithful), hot springs, and mud pots; Grand Teton national park; Bighorn Mountains; Gannett Peak (4,207 m/13,804 ft) in the Wind River Range, the highest peak in the state; Flaming George national park; Devils Tower national monument (featured in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind); Jackson; Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody; state capitol, Cheyenne (1886); Wyoming Territorial Prison Park, Laramie; University of Wyoming.
industries oil, natural gas, sodium salts, coal, uranium, sheep, beef.

famous people Buffalo Bill, Jackson Pollock.
history acquired by US from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase 1803; Fort Laramie, a trading post, settled 1834; women achieved the vote 1869; became a state 1890.
The region was explored 1807 by trapper John Colter, who was the first white person to see the Yellowstone area and its geysers and hot springs. The Union Pacific Railroad came through 1867–68; Wyoming then became a territory and passed a pioneering women's suffrage act. Despite the development of its energy resources, Wyoming remains sparsely settled, with large ranches dotting the arid landscape.


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