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mud puppy · Ambystoma mexicanum

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ETYM The native name.
Larval salamander of Mexico and W America.
Aquatic larval form (“tadpole”) of any of several North American species of salamander, belonging to the family Ambystomatidae. Axolotls are remarkable because they can breed without changing to the adult form and will only metamorphose into adult salamanders in response to the drying-up of their ponds. The adults then migrate to another pond.
Axolotls may be up to 30 cm/12 in long. Species include the Mexican salamander Ambystomum mexicanum which lives in mountain lakes near Mexico City, and the tiger salamander A. tigrinum, found in North America, from Canada to Mexico. See also neoteny.
Larval salamander of mountain lakes of Mexico that usually lives without metamorphosing; SYN. mud puppy, Ambystoma mexicanum.

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