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ETYM Old Eng. bar, bor, bore, AS. bâr; akin to Old High Germ. pęr, Mid.
High Germ. bęr, German bär, boar (but not bär bear), and perh.
Russ. borov boar. (Homonym: Boer, boor, bore).
An uncastrated male hog.
Wild member of the pig family, such as the Eurasian wild boar Sus scrofa, from which domestic pig breeds derive.
The wild boar is sturdily built, being
1.5| m/
4.5| ft long and
1| m/
3| ft high, and possesses formidable tusks.
Of gregarious nature and mainly woodland-dwelling, it feeds on roots, nuts, insects, and some carrion.
The dark coat of the adult boar is made up of coarse bristles with varying amounts of underfur, but the young are striped.
The male domestic pig is also known as a boar, the female as a sow.


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