englesko - srpski rečnik

englesko - srpski rečnik

brute force prevod

brute force

/ ˈbruːt ˈfɔːrs /


Množina reči brute force je brute forces.

In general, any process that essentially involves “doing it the hard way.” In computer technology, however, brute force typically refers to a programming style that relies on the computer’s processing power rather than on skill and planning to create or find a more elegant solution to a problem. Brute-force programming also ignores available information on how similar situations were handled in the past and might depend on outmoded design methodologies. For example, a program using brute force to crack passwords might try all the words in a dictionary (which would require huge amounts of computing power). Instead, more elegant programming would involve using special rules, history, statistics, and other available techniques or information to limit the number and types of words to try first.

gruba sila

ženski rod

Sirova snaga.

sirova snaga

ženski rodračunari

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