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englesko - srpski rečnik

cable car prevod

cable car

/ ˈkeɪbl̩ ˈkɑːr /


Množina reči cable car je cable cars.


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A conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway; SYN. car.
Method of transporting passengers up steep slopes by cable. In the cable railroad, passenger cars are hauled along rails by a cable wound by a powerful winch. A pair of cars usually operate together on the funicular principle, one going up as the other goes down. The other main type is the aerial cable car, where the passenger car is suspended from a trolley that runs along an aerial cableway.
A unique form of cable-car system has operated in San Francisco since 1873. The streetcars travel along rails and are hauled by moving cables under the ground. cable-car.


ženski rod

Planinska kablovska želežnica, žičana železnica.

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