englesko - srpski rečnik

englesko - srpski rečnik

cantus firmus prevod

cantus firmus

/ |cantus| |firmus| /


Množina reči cantus firmus je cantus firmuses.


(Latin) plainchant melody; melodic theme, especially in counterpoint.A melody used as the basis for a polyphonic composition.
In music, any familiar melody employed in counterpoint as a reference for the invention of an accompanying melody.
In early music, multiple parts were composed one at a time, each referring to the cantus firmus, but not to any other, with sometimes strange harmonic results, for example the final cadence E minor–G major–F major.

kantus firmus

muški rodmuzika

Osnovna koralna melodija u višeglasnoj muzici; kretala se u notnim vrednostima dugog trajanja. (lat.)

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