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computer graphics prevod

computer graphics

/ kəmˈpjuːtər ˈɡræfɪks /


Množina reči computer graphics je computer graphics.


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Use of computers to display and manipulate information in pictorial form. Input may be achieved by scanning an image, by drawing with a mouse or stylus on a graphics tablet, or by drawing directly on the screen with a light pen.
The output may be as simple as a pie chart, or as complex as an animated sequence in a science-fiction film, or a seemingly three-dimensional engineering blueprint. The drawing is stored in the computer as raster graphics or vector graphics. Computer graphics are increasingly used in computer-aided design (CAD), and to generate models and simulations in engineering, meteorology, medicine and surgery, and other fields of science.
Recent developments in software mean that designers on opposite sides of the world will soon be able to work on complex three-dimensional computer models using ordinary PCs linked by telephone lines rather then powerful graphics workstations.
The display of “pictures,” as opposed to only alphabetic and numeric characters, on a computer screen. Computer graphics encompasses different methods of generating, displaying, and storing information. Thus, computer graphics can refer to the creation of business charts and diagrams; the display of drawings, italic characters, and mouse pointers on the screen; or the way images are generated and displayed on the screen. See also graphics mode, presentation graphics, raster graphics, vector graphics.
The pictorial representation and manipulation of data by a computer.

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