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convertiplane prevod



Množina reči convertiplane je convertiplanes.

vertical takeoff and landing craft (VTOL) with rotors on its wings that spin horizontally for takeoff, but tilt to spin in a vertical plane for forward flight.
At takeoff it looks like a two-rotor helicopter, with both rotors facing skywards. As forward speed is gained, the rotors tilt slowly forward until they are facing directly ahead. There are several different forms of convertiplane. The LTV-Hillier-Ryan XC-142, designed in the US, had wings, carrying the four engines and propellers, that rotated. The German VC-400 had two rotors on each of its wingtips. Neither of these designs went into production. A Boeing and Bell design under test in 1992, the V-22, uses a pair of tilting engines, with propellers 11.5 m/38 ft across, mounted at the end of the wings. It is intended eventually to carry about 50 passengers direct to city centers. Doubt was cast over the future of the V-22 in 1992 when a prototype crashed in the Potomac River in Virginia. Another prototype had crashed the previous year.
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