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A self-describing collection of integrated records.
A file composed of records, each containing fields together with a set of operations for searching, sorting, recombining, and other functions. Acronym: DB.
An organized body of related information.
In computing, a structured collection of data, which may be manipulated to select and sort desired items of information. For example, an accounting system might be built around a database containing details of customers and suppliers. In larger computers, the database makes data available to the various programs that need it, without the need for those programs to be aware of how the data are stored. The term is also sometimes used for simple record-keeping systems, such as mailing lists, in which there are facilities for searching, sorting, and producing records.
There are three main types (or “models”): hierarchical, network, and relational, of which relational is the most widely used. A free-text database is one that holds the unstructured text of articles or books in a form that permits rapid searching.
A collection of databases is known as a databank. A database-management system (DBMS) program ensures that the integrity of the data is maintained by controlling the degree of access of the applications programs using the data. Databases are normally used by large organizations with mainframes or minicomputers.
A telephone directory stored as a database might allow all the people whose names start with the letter B to be selected by one program, and all those living in Chicago by another.
A large amount of data stored in a well-organized manner. A data base management system (DBMS) is a program that allows access to the information. data base

baza podataka

ženski rodračunari

Organizovan skup (zbirka) podataka.
Sistem podataka sređenih u računarskoj memoriji uz primenu ovih principa:
1. Da se primenom različitih programa obrade, podaci mogu koristiti za različite računarsko-analitičke ciljeve.
2. Da se u ovom sistemu isti podaci ne postavljaju u različitim kombinacijama.
3. Da se u sistemu rasporeda i sređenosti podataka obezbeđuje tajnost onih podataka kod kojih za to postoje određeni viši interesi.

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