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decompression sickness
/ ˌdikəmˈpreʃn̩ ˈsɪknəs /


aeroembolism · air embolism · caisson disease · bends

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Pain resulting from rapid change in pressure; SYN. aeroembolism, air embolism, caisson disease, bends.
Illness brought about by a sudden and substantial change in atmospheric pressure. It is caused by a too rapid release of nitrogen that has been dissolved into the bloodstream under pressure; when the nitrogen bubbles it causes the bends. The condition causes breathing difficulties, joint and muscle pain, and cramps, and is experienced mostly by deep-sea divers who surface too quickly.
See also bends.
After a one-hour dive at 30 m/100 ft, 40 minutes of decompression are needed, according to us Navy tables.

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