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desktop publishing prevod

desktop publishing

/ ˈdeskˌtɑːp ˈpʌblɪʃɪŋ /


Množina reči desktop publishing je desktop publishings.


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(DTP) Use of microcomputers for small-scale typesetting and page makeup. DTP systems are capable of producing camera-ready pages (pages ready for photographing and printing), made up of text and graphics, with text set in different typefaces and sizes. The page can be previewed on the screen before final printing on a laser printer.
(Computer science) The use of microcomputers with graphics capacity to produce printed materials.
The use of a computer and specialized software to combine text and graphics to create a document that can be printed on either a laser printer or a typesetting machine. Desktop publishing is a multiple-step process involving various types of software and equipment. The original text and illustrations are generally produced with software such as word processors and drawing and painting programs and with photograph-scanning equipment and digitizers. The finished product is then transferred to a page-makeup program, which is the software most people think of as the actual desktop publishing software. This type of program enables the user to lay out text and graphics on the screen and see what the results will be; for refining parts of the document, these programs often include word processing and graphics features in addition to layout capabilities. As a final step, the finished document is printed either on a laser printer or, for the best quality, by typesetting equipment.

stono izdavaštvo


1. Kombinovanje teksta sa slikama u jednom istom dokumentu.
2. Softver koji se koristi za pravljenje lepo oblikovanih prospekata, knjiga i brošura.

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desktop publishing

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