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dynamic RAM
/ daɪˈnæmɪk ˈræm /


A form of semiconductor random access memory (RAM). Dynamic RAM stores information in integrated circuits containing capacitors. Because capacitors lose their charge over time, dynamic RAM boards must include logic to refresh (recharge) the RAM chips continuously. While a dynamic RAM is being refreshed, it cannot be read by the processor; if the processor must read the RAM while it is being refreshed, one or more wait states occur. Despite being slower, dynamic RAM is more commonly used than RAM because its circuitry is simpler and because it can hold up to four times as much data. Acronym: DRAM. See also RAM. Compare static RAM.

dinamički RAM

muški rodračunari

Dinamička memorija sa neposrednim pristupom. Pogledajte DRAM.

Reč dana | 29.10.2020.





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