englesko - srpski rečnik

englesko - srpski rečnik

epiphyte prevod


/ epəfaɪt /


Množina reči epiphyte je epiphytes.

aerophyte · air plant · epiphytic plant

Prevedi epiphyte na: francuski

ETYM Greek epi upon + phyton plant, phyein to grow: cf. French épiphyte.
1. An air plant which grows on other plants, but does not derive its nourishment from them. See Air plant.
2. A vegetable parasite growing on the surface of the body.
Non-parasitic plant growing on another.
Disease affecting many plants.
Any plant that grows on another plant or object above the surface of the ground, and has no roots in the soil. An epiphyte does not parasitize the plant it grows on but merely uses it for support. Its nutrients are obtained from rainwater, organic debris such as leaf litter, or from the air.
The greatest diversity of epiphytes is found in tropical areas and includes many orchids.


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