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/ fæməli /


family unit · family line · folk · kinfolk · kinsfolk · sept · phratry · household · house · home · menage · fellowship

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ETYM Latin familia, from famulus servant; akin to Oscan famel servant, cf. faamat he dwells, Skr. dhâman house, from dhâto set, make, do: cf. French famille. Related to Do, Doom, Fact, Feat.
Group of people related to each other by blood or by marriage. Families are usually described as either “extended” (a large group of relations living together or in close contact with each other) or “nuclear” (a family consisting of two parents and their children).
In some societies an extended family consists of a large group of people of different generations closely or distantly related, depending on each other for economic support and security. In other societies the extended family is split into small units, with members living alone or in nuclear families.
The “one-parent” family has recently emerged in the West following the divorce or separation of parents or as a result of a child born to a single woman.In biological classification, a group of related genera (see genus). Family names are not printed in italic (unlike genus and species names), and by convention they all have the ending -idae (animals) or -aceae (plants and fungi). For example, the genera of hummingbirds are grouped in the hummingbird family, Trochilidae. Related families are grouped together in an order.1. Primary social group; parents and children; SYN. family unit.
2. People descended from a common ancestor; SYN. family line, folk, kinfolk, kinsfolk, sept, phratry.
3. A social unit living together; SYN. household, house, home, menage.
4. An association of people who share common beliefs or activities; SYN. fellowship.
5. (Biology) A taxonomic group containing one or more genera.


ženski rod

1. Porodica, ukućani, domaća čeljad, svojta, rod, poreklo;
2. U prirodnom sistemu biljaka ili životinja: grupa životinja ili biljaka koje imaju zajedničko poreklo.


ženski rod



ženski rod


muški rod

Srodstvo. Rodbina, svojta.

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