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file allocation table
/ ˈfaɪl ˌæləˈkeɪʃn̩ ˈteɪbl̩ /


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A table or list maintained by some operating systems to manage disk space used for file storage. Files on a disk are stored, as space allows, in fixed-size groups of bytes (characters) rather than from beginning to end as contiguous strings of text or numbers. A single file can thus be scattered in pieces over many separate storage areas. A file allocation table maps available disk storage space so that it can mark flawed segments that should not be used and can find and link the pieces of a file. In MS-DOS, the file allocation table is commonly known as the FAT. See also FAT file system.
(FAT) In computing, a table used by the operating system to record the physical arrangement of files on disc. As a result of fragmentation, files can be split into many parts sited at different places on the disc.

evidencija prostora na disku

ženski rod

tabela dodele datoteka

ženski rod

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