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englesko - srpski rečnik

guild prevod


/ ɡɪld /


Množina reči guild je guilds.

club · gild · lodge · order · social club · society

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ETYM Old Eng. gilds, AS. gild, gield, geld, tribute, a society or company where payment was made for its charge and support, from AS. gildan, gieldan, to pay. Related to Yield.
Or gild; Medieval association, particularly of artisans or merchants, formed for mutual aid and protection and the pursuit of a common purpose, religious or economic. Guilds became politically powerful in Europe but after the 16th century their position was undermined by the growth of capitalism.
Guilds fulfilling charitable or religious functions (for example, the maintenance of schools, roads, or bridges, the assistance of members in misfortune, or the provision of masses for the souls of dead members) flourished in western Europe from the 9th century but were suppressed in Protestant countries at the Reformation.
The earliest form of economic guild, the guild merchant, arose during the 11th and 12th centuries; this was an organization of the traders of a town, who had been granted a practical monopoly of its trade by charter. As the merchants often strove to exclude craftworkers from the guild, and to monopolize control of local government, the craft guilds came into existence in the 12th and 13th centuries. These, which included journeymen (day workers) and apprentices as well as employers, regulated prices, wages, working conditions, and apprenticeship, prevented unfair practices, and maintained high standards of craft; they also fulfilled many social, religious, and charitable functions. By the 14th century they had taken control of local government, ousting the guild merchant.
(Homonym: gild).
An association or union of workers or artisans, usually during the medieval period.




muški rod

1. Trošak, račun za jelo i piće u kafani (pri pijankama);
2. Staleška (profesionalna) organizacija jedne vrste zanatlija, esnaf.


ženski rod

1. Srednjovekovni savez trgovaca ili zanatlija u zapadnoj Evropi;
2. Esnaf, udruženje iste struke, istog zanimanja uopšte (nem.)

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