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parallel processing
/ ˈperəˌlel ˈproʊsesɪŋ /


A method of processing that can run only on a computer that contains two or more processors running simultaneously. Parallel processing differs from multiprocessing in the way a task is distributed over the available processors. In multiprocessing, a process might be divided up into sequential blocks, with one processor managing access to a database, another analyzing the data, and a third handling graphical output to the screen. Programmers working with systems that perform parallel processing must find ways to divide a task so that it is more or less evenly distributed among the processors available. Compare coprocessor, multiprocessing.
An efficient form of information processing that emphasizes the exploitation of concurrent events in the computing process. Concurrency implies parallelism, simultaneity and pipelining. Parallel events may occur in multiple resources during the same time instant; pipelined events are attainable in a computer system at various processing levels. Parallel processing demands concurrent execution of many programs in the computer as a cost-effective means to improve system performance.
Emerging computer technology that allows more than one computation at the same time. Although in the 1980s this technology enabled only a small number of computer processor units to work in parallel, in theory thousands or millions of processors could be used at the same time.
Parallel processing, which involves breaking down computations into small parts and performing thousands of them simultaneously, rather than in a linear sequence, offers the prospect of a vast improvement in working speed for certain repetitive applications.

paralelna obrada

ženski rodračunari

Tehnički, paralelna obrada je moguća na računarima sa više procesora, a to su isključivo računari koji su mnogo moćniji od jednog PC-ja ili Meka. Vrhunske mašine, mogu uporedo da koriste nekoliko hiljada procesora, dok običan stoni računar ima samo jedan. Paralelna obrada je osnova veštačke inteligencije.
Privid istovremenog obavljanja dva posla, dok se ustvari obavlja samo jedan. Pošto računari vrlo brzo prelaze sa jednog programa na drugi, oni stvaraju privid da se programi izvršavaju istovremeno.

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