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/ petɪkoʊt /


half-slip · underskirt

Prevedi petticoat na: francuski · nemački

A undergarment worn under a skirt; SYN. half-slip, underskirt.
Undergarment worn as an underskirt beneath a skirt or dress. It is generally made of silk, satin, or synthetic fibers.
Derived from an old French term petit cote, a petticoat was originally a man’s undershirt but by the Middle Ages it had become a woman’s padded undercoat. As the undercoat was replaced by the chemise, the petticoat became an underskirt that was tied round the waist with ribbons or tapes. Abandoned in early 19th-century dress, it was reintroduced in the 1840s, often made of linen, cotton, muslin, or other light fabrics, although heavier and warmer fabrics tended to be used in the winter. The popularity of the petticoat has declined during the 20th century although it was briefly popularized by Ralph Lauren in the 1970s and later by Vivienne Westwood with her “Buffalo Girl” designs.

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