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/ pɔːrtl̩ /


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ETYM Old Fren. portal, French portail, Late Lat. portale, from Latin porta a gate. Related to Port a gate.
1. An grand and imposing entrance (often extended metaphorically).
2. The whole architectural composition surrounding and including the doorways and porches of a church.
3. The approach or entrance to a bridge or tunnel.
4. A communicating part or area of an organism; specifically; the point at which something (as a pathogen) enters the body.
5. A site serving as a guide or point of entry to the World Wide Web and usually including a search engine or a collection of links to other sites arranged especially by topic.


muški rod

Glavna vrata, glavni ulaz, svečana vrata sa ukrasima, naročito na crkvama, zamkovima itd.; prednja strana. (lat.)

/ pɔːrtl̩ /


Prevedi portal na: francuski · nemački

A Web site that serves as a gateway to the Internet. A portal is a collection of links, content, and services designed to guide users to information they are likely to find interesting—news, weather, entertainment, commerce sites, chat rooms, and so on. Yahoo!, Excite, MSN.com, and Netscape NetCenter are examples of portals. See also home page (definition 1), Web site.
Usually used as a marketing term to described a Web site that is or is intended to be the first place people see when using the Web. Typically a Portal site has a catalog of web sites, a search engine, or both. A Portal site may also offer email and other service to entice people to use that site as their main point of entry (hence portal) to the Web.


muški rodračunari

Web sajt koji nudi posjetiocu mnogo informacija različitog tipa: vijesti, besplatne programe, reklame i tome slično. S te strane se obično dalje pretražuje Internet. Poznati portali i njihove mašine za pretraživanje su: AltaVista, Excite, Lycos, Yahoo, Netscape Netcenter...

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