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1. A machine language for a nonexistent processor (a pseudomachine). Such code is executed by a software interpreter. The major advantage of p-code is that it is portable to all computers for which a p-code interpreter exists. The p-code approach has been tried several times in the microcomputer industry, with mixed success. The best known attempt was the UCSD p-System. Abbreviation: p-code. See also pseudomachine, UCSD p-System.
2. Any informal, transparent notation in which a program or algorithm description is written. Many programmers write their programs first in a pseudocode that looks much like a mixture of English and their favorite programming language, such as C or Pascal, and then translate it line by line into the actual language being used.


muški rodračunari

Tok programa opisan iskvarenim govornim jezikom, tj. delom na običnom govornom jeziku, a delom na programskom jeziku - tako da programer može da se snađe, a da se ne udubljuje u detalje.

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