englesko - srpski rečnik

englesko - srpski rečnik

swan prevod


/ swɑːn /


Množina reči swan je swans.

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ETYM AS. swan; akin to Dutch zwaan, Old High Germ. swan, German schwan, Icel. svanr, Swed. svan, Dan. svane; and perhaps to Eng. sound something audible.
Stately heavy-bodied aquatic bird with very long neck and usually white plumage as adult.
Any of several large, long-necked, aquatic, web-footed birds of the family Anatidae, which also includes ducks and geese.
Species include the Old World mute swan Cygnus olor, with all-white plumage, now introduced in parks worldwide, and the black swan of Australia, C. atratus. The North American trumpeter swan C. buccinator is the largest, with a wingspan of 2.4 m/8 ft. This species was nearly extinct by 1900, and although numbers have recovered, it is still endangered. Pairing is generally for life, and the young are called cygnets.


muški rodptica

Lepa ptica plovuša, u njega se pretvarao Zevs kada je odlazio kod Lede.

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