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/ trænspəzɪʃn̩ /



Prevedi transposition na: francuski · nemački

ETYM French transposition, from Latin transponere, transpositum, to set over, remove, transfer; trans across, over + ponere to place. Related to Position.
Act of reversing the order or place of; SYN. reversal.
In music, performance in a different key from that indicated in the printed music, or the appearance of a theme or motif in an alternative key. A transposing instrument is one that is normally written for in one key and played in another, for example an instrument in B flat such as a clarinet sounds a tone lower, one in D sounds a tone higher, while a basset horn or French horn in F sounds a fifth lower than written (all written music is considered as being “in C”).
A passage of music in which a phrase is repeatedly transposed is a sequence.


ženski rod

Premeštanje, premeštaj; mat. prebacivanje članova jednačine s jedne strane na drugu; muz. prevođenje na drugi ton.

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