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muški rodlično ime

Jack, 20.10.1900, austral. Schriftst.; lebt in England; histor. Romane u. sozialkrit. Zeitromane.

Lindsay Jack
/ ˈlɪndzi ˈdʒæk /

muški rodlično ime

(1900-1990) Australian writer, based in London. His enduring leftist sympathies pervade an enormous and varied literary output; he published over 100 books, including poems and classical translations, notably his Catullus 1929, political studies, historical novels with settings ranging from ancient Pompeii to 19th-century England, and biographies of Helen of Troy, Blake, Turner, and William Morris.
The son and, for a time, disciple of the influential artist and writer Norman Lindsay (1879–1969), he developed a more independent vision in response to Marxist and European influences in the 1930s.

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