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/ spiːʃiz /



1. A specific kind of something:; SYN. variety.
2. (Biology) Taxonomic group whose members can interbreed.
In biology, a distinguishable group of organisms that resemble each other or consist of a few distinctive types (as in polymorphism), and that can all interbreed to produce fertile offspring. Species are the lowest level in the system of biological classification.
Related species are grouped together in a genus. Within a species there are usually two or more separate populations, which may in time become distinctive enough to be designated subspecies or varieties, and could eventually give rise to new species through speciation. Around 1.4 million species have been identified so far, of which 750,000 are insects, 250,000 are plants, and 41,000 are vertebrates. In tropical regions there are roughly two species for each temperate-zone species. It is estimated that one species becomes extinct every day through habitat destruction.

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