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nemačko - engleski rečnik

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Packen · Stoß · Keller · Kellerspeicher · Stack · Stapelspeicher

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(allgemein) Warenlager.

/ bætʃ /


Množina reči batch je batches.

clutch · good deal · great deal · hatful · heap · lot · mass · mess · pile · plenty · pot · tidy sum · whole lot · whole slew

clutch · deal · flock · good deal · great deal · hatful · heap · lot · mass · mess · mickle · mint · muckle · peck · pile · plenty · pot · quite a little · raft · sight · slew · spate · stack · tidy sum · wad · whole lot · whole sle

ETYM Old Eng. bache, bacche, from AS. bacan to bake; cf. German gebäck and Dutch baksel. Related to Bake.
(Irregular plural: batches).
1. A collection of things or persons to be handled together; SYN. clutch.
2. All the loaves of bread baked at the same time.
3. (Often followed by 'of') A large number or amount or extent; SYN. good deal, great deal, hatful, heap, lot, mass, mess, pile, plenty, pot, tidy sum, whole lot, whole slew.

/ pæk /


Množina reči pack je packs.

face pack

battalion · camp · clique · coterie · face pack · gang · ingroup · inner circle · large number · mob · multitude · plurality · ring

1. A bundle (especially one carried on the back).
2. A complete collection of similar things.
3. A cream that cleanses and tones the skin; SYN. face pack.
4. A group of hunting animals.
5. A sheet or blanket (either dry or wet) to wrap around the body for its therapeutic effect.
6. A small parcel (as of cigarettes or film).

/ stæk /


Množina reči stack je stacks.

Isolated pillar of rock that has become separated from a headland by coastal erosion. It is usually formed by the collapse of an arch. Further erosion will reduce it to a stump, which is exposed only at low tide.
Old unit of measure for firewood equal to 108 cubic feet.
An orderly pile.

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