nemačko - engleski rečnik

nemačko - engleski rečnik

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ženski rod

(abgegebene) Stimme · Votum · Wählerstimme

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/ voʊt /


Množina reči vote je votes.

ballot · voting · balloting · voter turnout

ballot · balloting · right to vote · suffrage · voter turnout · voting

ETYM Latin votum a vow, wish, will, from vovere, votum, to vow: cf. French vote. Related to Vow.
1. A body of voters who have the same interests.
2. A choice that is made by voting; SYN. ballot, voting, balloting.
3. The opinion of a group as determined by voting.
4. The total number of votes cast; SYN. voter turnout.
Expression of opinion by ballot, show of hands, or other means. For direct vote, see plebiscite and referendum. In parliamentary elections the results can be calculated in a number of ways.
In the us the voting age is 18. Conditions of residence vary from state to state and registration is required before election day. Until declared illegal 1965, literacy tests or a poll tax were often used to prevent black people from voting in the South. Voter registration and turnout in the us remains the lowest in the industrialized world. In 1988, 37% of potential voters failed to register and barely 50% voted in the presidential election, so that George Bush became president with the support of only 27% of the people. Voter registration increased in 1992, and record numbers of voters went to the polls.

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