nemačko - engleski rečnik

nemačko - engleski rečnik

zufällig begegnen prevod

zufällig begegnen


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come across
/ ˈkəm əˈkrɒs /


attain · chance on · chance upon · come over · come upon · discover · encounter · fall upon · happen upon · light upon · meet · resonate · run across · run into · see · strike

1. To be perceived in a certain way; make a certain impression.
2. To communicate the intended meaning or impression; SYN. come over.
3. When people cross from one side of a space or distance to where you are, they come across.
4. When you come across people or things, you see or find them without planning or expecting to. Run across is similar to come across.
5. When something you say or do comes across a certain way, your attitude or feelings are perceived in this way by other people.

Reč dana | 23.10.2021.





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